We are glad you found your way to our new website. Let us just take a minute to inform you about the people in blue you will be seeing during the election week all around Maastricht University. We are DOPE, Maastricht’s biggest student representation party.

DOPE is an abbreviation for “Deskundige, Ongebonden, Pragmatische Eenheid” which is Dutch for Professional, Independent, Pragmatic Unity. We are the largest and most influential student representation party active at Maastricht University. Being the only party active on all but one faculties, we have gained 6 out of the total of 9 University Council seats.

With our website we hope to achieve one of our goals: informing the students of Maastricht University. We work for students, with students, on topics students find important. In our Faculty Representatives and University Council members, students can find interested people actively working on noticed issues. Plenary sessions of these councils are accessible to all, and we hope you allow DOPE to raise your voice.

Upcoming Events

Elections: 20-23 May