Candidates & Election Programs

DOPE makes a difference with experienced council members. Almost everyone on our list has some experience in student representation or was / is active in another association in Maastricht, such as the WGI, Aiesec, UNSA, MSV Tragos, SV Circumflex, Onafhankelijk Maastricht, SV Koko, MSRV Saurus, MSV Pulse, Taskforce QRS, MUSST, and many other student councils, associations and committees.

The candidates are here for you, they will try to engage a conversation with you to determine underlying factors to the problems are mentioned. The problems students report to our representatives are not taken up by only this representative, but are shared amongst DOPE’s representatives and the Board. Moreover, DOPE focusses on integration of Faculties and the University, so issues reoccurring at several faculties can be taken up a level as well.