Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

We are Nienke Roerdinkholder, Paul Verburg and Simone da Ponte and we are the candidates of the Maastricht Student Representation Party DOPE running for the faculty council of FASoS. Within the faculty council the students can voice their problems through the representatives. One may think that nothing ever gets passed in these councils, however, the contrary is true. For example, last year the council was able to achieve their goals of having political papers being placed in Banditos and they were able to abolish the minimum of 120 ICTS to be able to write your bachelor thesis. We do not want to fall short of their accomplishments and thus we have come up with our own programme for if we are chosen into the council. The first standpoint of our list is that we would like to optimize the faculty’s success rate by:

  • Increasing learning productivity by recording the lectures;
  • Getting more guidance of the mentor programme in the first few months;
  • Having a lecture within the mentor programme that specifically tackles the problem of how to deal with the high amount of readings and how to decide on what is relevant;
  • Increasing the accessibility of extracurricular activities such as promotions and internships by creating a separate platform for it.

Our second standpoint regards the languages within FASoS. We believe that we can optimize the position of languages within our international faculty by:

  • Making Dutch courses more accessible and affordable, for example by letting other native students teach. This can also be applied for other languages;
  • Spreading the course of the second language more throughout the three years and make the course longer, so that the students can learn the language better;
  • Giving Arts and Culture students the possibility to have a second language, since they do not even have the option at this point.

Our last standpoint regards the sustainability of the faculty. Even though we have come a long way and many improvements have been made, we believe that we can always do better. This we would like to achieve, for example by making it clearer how to separate your waste. For example, is a piece of cardboard still paper when there is food waste on it?

By choosing us into the faculty council, you will receive three hard-working and devoted people who will not rest until the abovementioned points are achieved and who are always open for new suggestions to be mentioned in the faculty council.

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Nienke Roerdinkholder
Simone Da Ponte
Paul Verburg