Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life sciences

FHML is a wonderful place where people come together to share experiences. The experiencing of obtaining new talents, of sharing knowledge, of both respecting and challenging each other’s views. The fact that this is possible is something we should cherish; however, we have not come this far by only being grateful for the present. We reached this point through our desire to always be improving, questioning the present and sparking the flame for future innovation. Throughout the faculty council DOPE has strived to maintain and enhance this mindset.

Of course, ambitious speeches are for politicians and we are (thank god) students, so we want action. As DOPE is characterized by direct results from concrete plans, an overview of our most important goals for next year:

Guaranteed facilitated internships abroad

We believe that everywhere you go you develop yourself. When students are able to go abroad they encounter new interpretations and ideas helping better form their own, are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone, and broaden their view of the world. However, going on such an internship is incredibly hard right now for students at FHML. DOPE believes this experience should be possible for every student at FHML and thus strives for an accessible facilitation of internships abroad!

Addressing student mental health

Burn-outs, depression and extreme stress among students are issues which have been addressed and looked at. Still, the counselling of students is just not good enough. Period. When debating about such life-impacting issues there is no time for half-measures as this is about persons who are struggling with themselves and their life. That is why next year DOPE will take a much more direct, assertive and aggressive approach to this problem.

Better guidance in personal development

DOPE wants students to be able to broaden their horizon and skills in ways they are motivated for. That is why we want to increase personalized guidance in extracurricular areas. For example: free language courses, promoting study related student jobs or extracurricular courses.

Faster and more stable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is like a toilet, something everyone uses but no one appreciates until it doesn’t work anymore. It is essential for studying and avoiding a lot of frustration. Therefore, DOPE wants to focus on really fixing the Wi-Fi network for once. Not because it has to but because it should already have been.


Boaz Landmeter

Anouk Meijer

Tom Odink

Luc van Galen

Tom den Ridder

Mirko Badzurek

Ebru Horzum

Dirk van Esser

Emmy van den Broek

Eline Versantvoort