Faculty of Humanities and Sciences

The future of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS) is of utmost importance to us. As members of DOPE we believe that the best interests of students should come first in decisions made by the University, and that students should be better informed about the future of their University. Alongside protecting the interests of students, we at DOPE believe in taking an activist stance on policy.

For those of you who aren’t aware, FHS is currently being restructured into the Faculty of Science and Engineering, this will have different implications for different departments. At DOPE we are concerned with maintaining a high level of integration between UCM, MSP, DKE, and UCV. We at DOPE believe that it is in students best interest for faculties to work together.

Currently there is not enough transparency about what FHS does for you as a student. We want the faculty to be more open with its policy objectives and its decision making process. We will make students more aware of the activities of the council, as such we promise to hold regular open meetings with you.

Diversity is a huge issue which the faculty could do more to improve. FHS should place great emphasis on diversifying the content of our courses. This could involve creating new courses which are not western centric, and adding different perspectives to current courses. We want to start an initiative with the aim of diversifying the pool of tutors and lecturers, in their national, cultural and political backgrounds.

We believe that despite recent positive improvements across the university in the area of sustainability, more can and must be done. This would include our initiatives to use recycled paper in our printers and encouraging students and staff to be aware of their daily impact on the environment.

DOPE is uniquely positioned to represent your interests due to its position as the largest student party at the university. DOPE can coordinate across faculties to ensure that our policy initiatives have the greatest possible impact. In addition DOPE is the UM member of ISO, the nationwide student union. It is through these channels which DOPE can unify students to fight for a better education.
We, the candidates for DOPE at FHS, promise that we will do everything in our power to represent your best interests and to leave FHS in a better place one year from now than it is today.

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow

Phineas Shapiro

Isabel Sturm

Sophie Buddenbom

Femke de Haan

Lucas Brouwer