Faculty of Humanities and Sciences

We are Maaike Tran (MSP), Joanne Snel (DKE), Max Lipsch (UCM), Paul Grass (UCM), Nancy Ebner (UCV) and Meike Kievits (UCM), members of the Maastricht Student Representation Party DOPE. As of next year, we hope to represent you, the students from the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS), in our faculty council. Over the past years, FHS has grown considerably in importance but big disparities between the different departments of the faculty persist. We feel it is imperative to address this issue primarily since it forms the basis to implement upcoming ideas.

A reoccurring issue that persists within the faculty is that of grading discrepancies amongst courses and different tutors. While a start has been made at UCM by implementing a general set of grading criteria, we hope to extend this effort to the entire faculty and ensure that it is properly enforced.

Another identified problem that we would like to tackle next year is a lack of literary resources for students both at UCV and DKE. More of these inequalities exist, for example concerning course selection and exchange programmes. That is why we want to give all departments equal opportunities. Concerning the course selection, providing students with the appropriate information and guidance in taking external courses at other departments/faculties is one of our aims. To accomplish this, we want to ensure a personalized match between student and academic advisor who is specialized in the field of interest and possesses extensive knowledge about the regulations as well as the possibilities.

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Maaike Tran
Paul Grass
Joanne Snel
Nancy Ebner
Max Lipsch
Meike Kivits