Faculty of Law

Dear fellow students,

We are Sanne Fresow (Tax Law) and Philine Wassenaar (European Law School), and we would love to have the opportunity to represent DOPE in the Faculty of Law Faculty Council next year. Firstly, we want to help students with respect to study advisers, who need to be easier and quicker to access –  a much lower threshold needs to be created. Next to that, we want ensure there is the option for second opinions on skills papers. There can be such a big difference between graders, which means a second opinion can offer fairer grading and less vast contrast in results. Moreover, we want our faculty to facilitate more aid for (international) internships, which gives students the extra help they need to make that step from the tutorial group to a real law firm much easier. Lastly, we want to promote more personal guidance for students, thereby ensuring your interest as a student and your future is put first!

We are dedicated and motivate to be the leading voices for the students of the law faculty, so please consider US as your representatives next year and vote DOPE!

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Sanne Fresow

Philine Wassenaar