Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

We have almost arrived at the election week. The candidates for Maastricht Student Representation Party DOPE this year are Max Stultiens and Minke ter Hedde. What is new this year? We would like to encourage the personal development of every single individual at FPN. Also, as there is differentiation between the Dutch and English tracks, we believe that transparency from the university to the students will help these tracks to develop parallel to each other instead of drifting apart. In this way, we will not only provide transparency, but also protect the sustainability of the faculty. We also want to increase the amount of learning spaces available. Right now, the library is often packed with students, which means there are not enough study places for all the students. Additionally, there are also the manual booking of the courses, which was automatically done. We want to bring this back and thereby solve some flaws this manual booking system brings along. Finally, we want to guarantee that it is standard that lectures are recorded. What can you do to help us make sure that all of these points are achieved?

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Minke ter Hedde
Max Stultiens