School of Business and Economics

We, Floor Kuijer (Fiscal Economics), Tom Kennes (Econometrics and Operations Research), Dionne van den Aker (Economics), Jolien Timmers (International Business) and Floris van Leeuwen (Econometrics and Operations Research) are running for the Faculty Council of SBE for Maastricht Student Representation Party DOPE. MSRP DOPE is a student representation body that has been present for many years in every council throughout the university. Next to that, we are also a member of the ISO, the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg. This is the largest national student organisation in the Netherlands and represents over half a million students. This means that we have access to an extensive network and a lot of knowledge that has been gathered through the years to facilitate you!

We intend to flex our muscles and put this network to use to improve the ranking for the exchange, because it should not only be based on GPA but also on other experiences. Additionally, we believe that it is important to improve the quality of the tutors in order to test adequacy. We also believe that there should be an alternative participation grading system, because grades are meant to be objective and not subject to the tutor’s perception. Next to that it is also important to improve the information about minors and specialisations and make sure it is available to all students. Moreover, we also believe that the extensive alumni network should be used more extensively. It is a great way to learn more about your different career options, but also an important way to spread knowledge. Besides that, the alumni can improve the community feeling at SBE.

These are ta few of the things we want to do, but there are many more things we want to do. During the election week you can find us at the SBE where we can answer all your questions.

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Floor Kuijer
Jolien Timmers
Tom Kennes
Floris van Leeuwen
Dionne van den Aker