School of Business and Economics

Dear fellow students,

We, Michiel van Hulzen, Sophie van Eck, Bram Kothuis and Maarten de Heus are running for the faculty council of the SBE for DOPE. In our opinion, it’s very important that students play an active role in the decision-making of the SBE, as we are the ones who are dealing with the consequences of these decisions.

One of the things we would like to focus on is the subjectivity of the participation grading, we ourselves have experienced that this is not always as transparent and objective as it should be.

Next, we want to improve the quality of tutors, in order to improve the overall quality of the SBE. We want to screen the tutors on their ability to rightfully explain the content instead of knowing the content only by heart.

Furthermore, we have noticed that there is an increased interest for special events (e.g. Maastricht Business Days), in order to fulfill this interest, we would like to give students days off for these events.

Besides these intangible objectives we also have some tangible changes we would like to implement. For example, we would like more study places within the SBE, as there are currently only few and also as an alternative for the overcrowded university library.

Next to the study spaces, we would like to make sure all the tutorial rooms have sufficient power-sockets, in case you forget to charge your laptop.

Lastly, we want a more cohesive SBE, with more events at the Bar, lounge and Mensa.

Despite all the previous improvements, we think the SBE has been doing quite well. However, we shouldn’t stop there. Looking into the future, we see a lot of opportunities and we are very motivated to develop those opportunities and make the SBE even better.

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Maarten de Heu

Bram Kothuis

Sophie van Eck

Michiel van Hulzen