University Council

We, Tara Hadtstein, Niels van der Sangen, Luc van Deurse, Gabrielle Carol, Aniek Willems, Max Andriessen, Job Baken and Laurens Bierens, members of Maastricht Student Representation Party DOPE- the largest and most influential student representation party in Maastricht, are running for the University Council. For our campaign this year we are focusing on the following points:

  • We want to encourage personal development of students and that students receive the support and freedom necessary. For example, we plan to continue the work on organizing the Administrative Months system.
  • Also, we would like to see an improvement in the communication and transparency within the university. Course schedules and information should be provided in a timely manner, including the rules and regulations of exams and re-sits.
  • The university is currently busy making the UM more sustainable. We would like to continue this, improving the sustainability at all UM buildings regarding waste, electricity, and water.
  • The UM needs more study spaces. DOPE is keen to create more, including using the existing faculties more efficiently.
  • Additionally, DOPE would like to implement a policy across the university allowing the video recordings of lectures.
  • Our university is very diverse. We would like to see more diversity, including an equal balance of Dutch and international students. Also, multiple faculties have study abroad opportunities, while some have none or very limited chances. Therefore, DOPE would live to see that all students have a chance to go on exchange.

During this year’s university elections, make sure your voice is heard- don’t forget to vote! Agree with our points? Than vote for a DOPE member for next year’s University Council- you’ll see us across the university in our blue sweaters!

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Tara Hadstein
Gabriëlle Carol
Job Baken
Niels van der Sangen
Aniek Willems
Laurens Bierens

Luc van Deurse

Max Andriessen