University Council


This year DOPE has a group of students looking forward to work on your behalf in the University Council. Our candidates are a true representation of Maastricht University, representing multiple faculties and consisting of both Dutch and international students. The majority of our candidates already have a chuck of experience representing students either at faculty or university level.  Together Niels van der Sangen, Roland Wezenbeek, Maaike Trân, Noud Alberts, Laurens Bierens, Bart Dings, Su Min Pack and Martha Jordaan are determined to bring change at Maastricht University. Both by continuing the work of DOPE over the last years and starting new initiatives. Next academic year we want to focus on the following subjects:

Affordable student life and housing

Finding a room in Maastricht can be tough. Over the years the shortage of affordable rooms has grown. DOPE wants Maastricht University to work closely with the municipality so all students in Maastricht can have a room for a fair price. On top of that, Maastricht University should make sure study materials such as study books, course manuals and software are affordable for all students.

Establishment of inter-faculty education and improvement of study facilities

DOPE wants all curricula to be more personalised and flexible. It should be possible to take a course at another faculty to broaden your horizon. This is important for students looking for the next step in their academic career. At the same time Maastricht University should increase the amount of study facilities at all faculties and library locations so all students have a place to study. Furthermore, DOPE fully supports the development of the new Tapijnkazerne in order to increase study spaces.

Focus on employability and equal opportunities for all students
Maastricht University is well-known for its diversity, but not all our facilities are adjusted to our international character. There should be more focus on equal opportunities for both Dutch and international students. Employability should also take a central role in all programs Maastricht University has to offer.

Improvement of student services and guidance

Mental health issues such as burn-out and depression are a growing problemj among students. DOPE wants more funding for student guidance such as study advisors and student psychologists. More focus on prevention of mental health issues by providing adequate copings skills and awareness is vital as well. Special attention is needed for students new to Maastricht or the Netherlands in general.

Vote DOPE for a better UM tomorrow!

Niels van der Sangen

Roland Wezenbeek

Maaike Tran

Noud Alberts

Laurens Bierens

Bart Dings

Su Min Pack

Martha Jordaan