Knowledge & experience

DOPE has been representing Maastricht students for over 20 years in University and Faculty Councils, during which time we gained a lot of knowledge and expertise. With the support of our alumni members, an information archive stretching back to the early 90’s and a good educational track for our new council members, DOPE is capable of connecting the dots and making a long-term difference at Maastricht University. Furthermore, our experience provides us with the unique opportunity to follow-up on long term decisions which is a necessary requirement for good student representation, seeing as most changes are implemented over multiple years.

Information transfers

Information can go in different directions. We can be informed by students about their concerns and issues and in turn inform them about university policies and changes. DOPE’ers can also inform each other on the actualities at each faculty. Furthermore, DOPE gets informed by the ISO on the changes in national policy and we provide this information to the students of Maastricht. Last, DOPE also stays in close contact with the board, scientific staff and employees of the university in order to share your concerns and issues with them. A broad information network and good information management is what sets DOPE apart.

Widest range of representation

DOPE is currently the only student representation party that is representing your interests in all but one Faculty Council and in the University Council. Furthermore, we are the biggest student representation party at Maastricht University. Therefore, we are the most capable party to represent your voice.

Realistic goals

The P in DOPE stands for pragmatic which means that we always strive towards goals that can be achieved. We make no promises we cannot keep. We will not tell you something can be done when experience has thaught us the opposite. It also means we work in a structured and professional fashion, try to refrain ourselves from random statements and follow-up on the issues we address. Furthermore, DOPE always strives towards a constructive attitude meaning that we will always look for a solution when an opportunity presents itself.

Professional approach

Part of doing a good job is doing the job good. DOPE is a professional party, not only in our presentation, but also in our work ethics. We demand that our representatives are prepared to the best of their abilities, we don’t take half measures and if we can’t do what is good we don’t do it!

For additional information, please also take a look at our party vision.