Faculty Councils

Faculty Councils

The Faculty Council consists of representatives of the academic staff, the administrative and support staff, and students. They are elected by and from their own sections for a period of two years, with the exception of students, who are elected for one year only. The members of the Faculty Council convene together with the Faculty Board once every four weeks.

Rights and powers

Faculty Council has the power of consent concerning the faculty regulations, parts of the Education and Examinations Regulations, decisions concerning guidelines for the academic research, and decisions concerning integral policy notes about education, research and international affairs. In addition, the Faculty Council has the power of advice regarding, for example, appointments of professors and the faculty budget.

Visit your Faculty Council

These meetings are open to all faculty staff and students, who can attend these meetings as auditors and can make a comment or ask a question during the 15 minutes reserved for this purpose. Staff or students interested in attending a meeting of the Faculty Council are requested to report to the Council’s Secretariat prior to the meeting.

DOPE Faculty Councils