About DOPE

Compilation of DOPE moments


DOPE is an abbreviation for “Deskundige, Ongebonden, Pragmatische Eenheid” which is Dutch for professional, independent, pragmatic unity. We are the largest and most influential student representation party active at Maastricht University. Being active at all faculties, we have gained 6 out of the total of 9 University Council seats. Our university broad orientation and over 25-years of experience provides DOPE with an immense knowledge base, helping us to perform at our best at the university broad discussions at hand.


With our website we try to inform you about DOPE, student representation in general and the actuallities at Maastricht University. You can also take a closer look at our activities and join DOPE.


If you have any remarks or questions, please mail them to dope@maastrichtuniversity.nl