The ISO (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg) is the largest national studentorganization in the Netherlands. ISO represents the general interests of nearly 630.000 students at universities and higher educational institutes. The ISO is a regular discussion partner of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, political parties and universities and higher educational institutes.

The ISO was founded in 1973 by students of different university councils out of a need for a regular exchange of information and experiences, so students within the university council good strengthen their position.

Currently, 31 representation parties are a member of the ISO among which DOPE. For DOPE it is very important to learn from the experiences of other participation parties. In other to achieve this the ISO organizes workshops and a policy weekend in which participation parties can exchange their knowledge. Furthermore, the ISO keeps DOPE informed on the changes that are currently taking place in the national policy. In turn, DOPE makes sure that the interests of the Maastricht students are heard on a national level.

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