Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

I am active in the Faculty Council with four other students from other parties. We meet up with the Faculty Board every month, further we are also present in the weekly meetings of the Student Representatives. If you have ideas or face problems, feel free to contact us at any time in person or via social media!

Current things we are working on are:

  • Digitalization
  • With COVID19, the point of improving and pushing for digitalization at FASOS has been finally successful. This point has been on the Faculty Council’s agenda for years and we hope that after the pandemic, the lectures will still be made available online in addition to on campus.

  • Accessibility
  • Access to the Faculty campus is another point we are focusing on. We want the faculty to be accessible to everyone and discussed the solution of having wheelchair ramps at the main entrance and other access points.

  • Internships and Career opportunities
  • Other points we are working on are the possibility of students receiving more advice in regard of internships and careers after graduation. We already host a career day every year with the Faculty’s Student Representatives, however, we believe FASOS could do better. Our idea is to have an advisor at the faculty with whom students could get in touch.

  • Mental Health​
  • Furthermore, mental health is an issue, especially now with the pandemic going on. We want to make access to a psychologist easier and better, for students and staff.