Faculty of Law

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Law.

This year, DOPE has been able to obtain 3 out of the 6 seats in the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law. We, Hayden, Milan and Philine, are determined to make this a fruitful year for the Faculty Council as student delegation. At this moment, we are currently working hard to ensure that the budget gets voted through. This year is particularly special because the faculty is introducing the New Dutch Bachelor Programme as of September 2020. The Faculty Council is naturally involved in the development of such a programme which we are very excited about. As a long-term goal, we wish to make steps towards improving the communication between the Faculty Council and the students. We wish to do this through improving the communication between the different Study Associations, and to ensure that the students are aware of the differing student bodies where their interests are represented, such as the Student Council, Faculty Council and the Programme Committees. We find it of vital importance that students are aware of these different organs and that they know they can approach us for questions and input. It is of course also their faculty as much as ours. We are here to ensure that we look critically at the decisions of the Faculty Council so that the student’s interests are represented as much as the interests of the staff. One of the advantages of being part of such a large party is that we are able to get input from other faculties where DOPE is part of, which means we are able to broaden our horizons as to what goes on in other faculties and get inspiration from that.

Do you have any questions or concerns about what goes on in the Law Faculty? Don’t hesitate to contact one of us!