Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Below you see an overview of the students currently representing DOPE at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

This academic year, I represent my fellow FPN-students in the Faculty Council as the only MSRP DOPE representative. I meet once a week with the other student representatives and once a month with the board, to discuss current issues of the faculty and to take actions to improve student life at our faculty. My focus lies on approving communication between students and course-coordinators. Students can come to us when they experience problems and, in this way, we can help them find a solution. It is also our goal to improve communication between students and to enhance a better environment between students of the Dutch track and those of the English track. I would like to narrow down the barrier between those two tracks, especially in the first year.

Together with the student council, we put up the “toilet-newspaper”, to inform the students of our current projects and future goals. We also organize feedback-sessions after each course, to evaluate what students did and did not like about their courses and/or exams. Furthermore, we organise different events, like a lecture about woman leadership, where all FPN-students are able to join.

Our future goals are:

  • Re-furnishing the ground floor
  • Ensuring that students can choose their own timeslots, to organize their own timetable
  • Expand the “toilet-newspaper"
  • Organize a gala